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Harriet's Horrible Hair Day

"It looks weird," taunts her brother.

When Harriet's sister offers to fix the rebellious curl, the three of them launch into a series of outrageous,  hair-raising schemes to tame Harriet's wayward ringlet. Despite their best efforts, though, two...three...four...and still more curls break loose. Soon the yard and the house are a wreck, poor Harriet is exhausted, and her head is covered in curls.


It’s dangerous and forbidden. All her life, Lacee Dorsett has tried to hide her ability to mentally travel through time. Her best friend, Tyler, needs her help though.  His valuable pet tar-tung is missing, and other tar-tung stolen. Lacee learns the Zhing-blade Alliance is behind the disappearances, and perhaps also responsible for a mysterious new jewel that everyone is unnaturally craving. Lacee has the chance to discover the truth when she meets Maddox, a phantom who is desperate to prove his innocense so that his spirit can be reunited with his physical body. She fears her gift, Tyler begs she use it, and Maddox knows a secret that could kill them all.

300-Plus Quilting Tips, Tricks & Techniques

Become more productive and gain quilting savvy with over 300 quilting tips and techniques. All levels of quilters will benefit from this collection of helpful advice inspired from over 35 years of quilting experience.

Learn about quick and easy quilt patterns, fat quarter projects, batting, backing, quilt and equipment care, how to select a sewing machine. Explore embellishment techniques, what not to do when sewing a mystery quilt, and tips for making fabric postcards, memory quilts, and doing paper piecing. There are ideas for creating a quilting library, organizing the sewing room, how to arrange a quilt show, and suggestions for quilt guild activities. Included is a gift list for quilters, discussion of sewing and quilting techniques, fabric, supplies, technology, and how to enjoy a successful workshop experience.

This volume also includes instructions to create an easy-to-make, beautiful pincushion in a basket.


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