Dawn Lesley Stewart
Quill Pen

$2.89 Kindle format
$9.99 Paperback


Lacee Dorsett has hidden her mental ability to travel through time – it's dangerous and forbidden. But now her best friend, Tyler, needs her help to find his psychic pet tar-tung. Lacee soon discovers other tar-tung have also been stolen. Meanwhile, a crippling addiction is annihilating the upper class. The ruthless Zhing-Blade Alliance is involved in both crimes and is trying to assassinate Tyler and Lacee as they move closer to the truth. Lacee discovers why the tar-tung have been so cruelly targeted after she finds an unlikely ally in Maddox, a phantom desperate to reunite his imprisoned spirit with his physical body. Between the Zhing-Blade Alliance and the corrupt government, Lacee, Tyler and Maddox don't know who to trust.  Lacee fears her gift. Tyler begs her to use it. And Maddox knows a secret that could kill them all.

What Readers are saying:

"This book was so beautifully written and I could see everything like I was there watching everything unfold." – Amazon Reviewer

"Their behaviors and emotions are so real that you'll slip into their unusual world just as easily as if it were your own. A mystery you can sink your teeth - and heart - into." – Amazon Reviewer