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The Quilt Guild Companion by Dawn Lesley Stewart

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The Quilt Guild Companion
For Every Quilter

The Quilt Guild Companion features 30 guild activities, 21 raffle quilt inspirations, and 33 challenge quilt ideas. Learn how to efficiently run and promote a quilt guild, increase membership, what to include in a newsletter and website, and how to arrange fundraising events. Explore organizing and hosting a quilt show and how to plan a quilting retreat. Included are ideas for maximizing the quilt guild experience so that everyone feels welcome and has fun.

Dawn Lesley Stewart has captured 35-plus years of active participation at quilt meetings to write the only book to fully capture the quilt guild experience. This book discusses small groups, large gatherings, and a variety of ways quilters can share their creativity.

What Readers are saying:

"I shared this book with my mother-in-law (who is a fabulous quilter - alas, I am just an 'aspiring' quilter) and she was so impressed with what she saw that she "suggested" I buy her a copy too :) Great ideas for all levels of quilters!" – Amazon Reviewer

Comments emailed to me:

"I had no idea quilting guilds were so involved! This looks like a fantastic guide for creating one."

"This is awesome!!!!!"

"Lovely cover!"

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