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Comfort Quilts for Those in Need



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Comfort Quilts

I like the name Comfort Quilts and the thought of a child or adult finding comfort in my stitches. 

Primarily, I use 100% cotton fabric throughout my quilts. Others in my quilt guild prefer using a soft backing such as a flannel fabric.

If I know a quilt will be tied rather than quilted, I choose a simple pattern with fewer seams. That way the "ties" don't have to travel through too many layers of fabric. I've experienced sore fingers trying to wrestle a sewing needle threaded with crochet cotton through multiple seam layers.

When machine quilting a project, I use 100% cotton batting, which lies flatter than polyester batting and is easier to machine quilt. The 100% cotton batting also slightly clings to the fabrics, which creates less shifting of material.

I bind my quilts a variety of ways. When limited for time, I machine sew the binding onto the quilt. My preferred method is to attach the binding to the front of the quilt with machine stitching. Then I flip the binding to the back of the quilt and hand-stitch or machine zig-zag the binding in place.

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Quilt Pattern

Here are some easy quilt block patterns that sew into quick quilts.

Basket Weave
Log Cabin
Nine Patch
Ohio Star
Rail Fence
Roman Stripe
Square in a Square


I've received requests to show some photographs of the quilts I have made for charity.

Every year I sew comfort quilts for those in need. Once the quilts are sewn, I bring them to my quilt guild, where we donate the bounty to pre-determined charities. Most of the quilts I have made start to finish.

Log Cabin Quilt

Log Cabin Quilts

I like the strong contrasts of the red and blue fabrics in this first quilt. Each block has a yellow rectangle center instead of the traditional square shape. The second quilt is a traditional log cabin made from green and red fabrics. 

Sampler Quilt

Sampler Quilt

The blocks in this quilt were made by members of my guild, and I volunteered to sew them into a quilt. I free-hand machine quilted it. This is one of my first projects using this technique. So easy!

Pickup Sticks Quilt

Pickup Sticks

I designed this quilt pattern. The green material has a gold metallic starburst print on it. The red fabric is a red-on-red print, and the white material is flecked with small green dots.

Basket Weave

You can't see it well in this photo, but the prints are cheery garden florals with bright pink fabric as the center rectangles and a garden-green border. The pink rectangles are cut a bit larger than the rectangles on either side.

Basket Weave Quilt

Nine Patch Quilt

Nine Patch

This project originally started as a double-size bed quilt using the quilt-as-you-go method. However, I chose a too-thick batting that became increasingly difficult to use. I reduced the size of the quilt to lap-size, and it became a comfort quilt. This quilt is both hand and machine quilted.

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