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Harriet's Horrible Hair Day

Harriet's Horrible Hair Day

Meet Dawn Lesley Stewart
author of
Harriet's Horrible Hair Day

Have her autograph your book!


Dawn is visiting schools to speak about writing. She's enjoying a wonderful time meeting new people!

At the moment, there are no public events scheduled.

If you would like Dawn to visit your school or appear at an event, please contact her. 

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Dawn does Author Visits for schools, libraries and organizations. 
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What children are saying...

"I loved the book. It's so funny the things that happen to her hair."   ~~ (Texas)

"The cat and dog are my favorites!"  ~~ (Massachusetts)

"You made me laugh."   ~~ (New Hampshire)

"Our whole class liked the book!"   ~~ (Georgia)

"Oh, no -- what a mess she got herself in!"  ~~ (Massachusetts)

"Read it again."  ~~ (Illinois)

"That's one clever dog!"  ~~ (Rhode Island)

"I want to write a book like that." ~~ (Vermont)

"An elephant! Where would they get an elephant?"  ~~ (New Mexico)



"There is a fun counting book masked by this humorous tale -- and a good lesson about being comfortable with who you are and how you look. Dawn Lesley Stewart's first children's book is wonderfully accompanied by Michael White's whimsical illustrations. Kids will love it because there's lots going on in each picture besides the obvious story line. Give them time to absorb it all."
-- The Gazette

". . . And no matter what Harriet's siblings do, they can't straighten her stubborn, unruly locks . . . . From start to finish, this delightful ditty affably invites children to accept their uniqueness. Spicy illustrations in fabulous color combinations help make it an ear-to-ear grin."
-- Journal-Constitution

Copyright 2000 Dawn Lesley Stewart