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Gift Ideas for Gardeners


Gift Ideas for Gardeners
by Dawn Lesley Stewart

There are a lot of gardeners in my life, and it's fun to think of what to buy them for gifts. Here are some ideas that work well for me.

UV Gardening Hat
One of my best buys was a UV ray protective hat with a broad brim and neck flap to help protect the skin from sun damage. I liked the hat so much that I bought several as gifts.

Upside-down Garden Planter
Whether the gardeners in your life plant outdoor garden beds or are limited to patio space, an Upside-down Garden Planter works great. I own two of them and even gave an avid gardener friend one as a wedding gift. The planter sits atop a weighted base and poles so that it is off the ground. The top section can hold a variety of plants (vegetables, flowers, or herbs) ... and beneath the top section are holes to insert tomato plants (or other plants if desired), which grow upside-down to optimize planting space.

My favorite garden tool is the Trake. At one end is a pointed trowel, and the opposite end has a clawed rake. Both are connected by a long handle with a nice vinyl grip. This handy tool is the first one I grab when gardening.

Shepherd’s Hook
An unusual Shepherd's Hook plant holder is a nice garden feature. I have two favorites in my yard. One is a four-way Shepherd's Hook. It is constructed from heavy-duty cast iron and easily holds four heavy plant pots laden with flowers. The other Shepherd's Hook has a decorative metal butterfly atop it, which adds a decortive touch to the garden.

Garden Statue or Sundial
A garden isn't just for plants. I love it when I discover unexpected ornaments peeking from the greenery and bright blooms. My garden has a lovely sundial as a focal point. Several relatives enjoy garden statuary, which is fun to pick out to match their interests ... gnomes, dragons, fairies, stone animals. There is a huge selection available in different sizes.

Raised Garden Bed
Perhaps the gardener in your life is looking for a different style of garden, or a garden that is a bit higher off the ground to deter some of the wildlife. I've bought raised garden kits as gifts, and they were met with enthusiasm. Essentially, the kit consists of the side boards and corner pieces ... easy to assemble. The gift recipient will need to provide the soil and plants to fill it.

Rain Barrel or Watering Can
Water is a vital element for any garden. Many of my gardening friends have rain barrels on their wish lists. I prefer the type of rain barrel that has a spigot midway up the barrel so that a watering can is easy to fill. A hose attachment is a great feature, too. And there are many watering can choices on the market, some with copper accents, other with rotating spouts, or long spouts to reach deeper into a garden.

Garden Gloves
I'm not talking about cheap disposable gloves. There are some really nice gardening gloves available, especially if the gardener in your life does specific types of planting. For instance, there are waterproof gloves, long-arm gloves for rose growers, suede gloves for working with trees or landscaping, thermal gloves for working in cooler temperatures.

Garden Magazine -- How about an digital version
It's always fun to keep up with new plants and landscaping and garden bed ideas. There are traditional print magazines that offer subscriptions ... or perhaps a digital gift subscription is the way to go.

Gift Card
There are so many options with a gift card. You can buy an Amazon gift card since they offer everything from gardening books to planters and tools. Or perhaps a gift card to an online store that sells seeds. (Some of my favorite online seed stores are Johnny's Selected Seeds, Totally Tomatoes, and Park Seed.) If both you and the gift recipient live in the same area, a gift certificate to a local nursery is a lovely thought, and it helps to boost the local economy.

Happy Gardening !

Dawn Lesley Stewart has enjoyed organic gardening for over forty years, learning at a young age from her father. First love is vegetable gardening followed by her interest in butterfly and bee habitats. She considers her yard a sanctuary for birds and wildlife. Her writing has appeared online and in print and has won writing awards. Dawn is the author of Harriet’s Horrible Hair Day (picture book), Mist-Seer (paranormal novel), and her newest book 300-Plus Quilting Tips, Tricks & Techniques features over 35 years of quilting knowledge.

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