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My father started sharing his garden widom when I was in grade school. I loved helping in the gardens, even though I sometimes muttereded, "Inhope that was a weed I just pulled." Over the years my enthusiasm for playing in the soil has expanded to include my vegetable and herb gardens, the many flower beds as well as my growing hosta bed. I hope some of these articles inspire your green thumb.



Compost Basics: How to Make Nutrient Rich Compost

Compost Bins: Selecting the Best Type for You


Gift Giving Ideas

Gift Ideas: For Gardeners with Physical Limitations

Great Gift Ideas for a Gardener



Harvesting Peppers and Freezing Them

Harvesting Pumpkins, Storing & Making Pumpkin Pie


Composite Decking – My Experiences

Selecting a Water Filtration Cooler



Houseplants: Beautiful but Dangerous; Deadly

Houseplants: Eleven Beautiful Varieties


Planting & Fertilizing

Beneficial Bugs and Other Garden Friends

Butterflies & Bees: Planting A Garden to Attract Them

Crocus: Planting and Care

Daffodils: Planting and Care

Daylilies: Planting Them Singly or Preparing a Daylily Garden Bed

Fertilizers that Work Best for Me

Five Ways to Extend Your Garden Space

Fruit Growing Suggestions for the Yard and Home Garden

Garden Trellis: Exploring the Options

Herbs that Grow Well for Me

Lettuce Basket: How to Make One -- Decorative & Delicious

Weed Control the Organic Way



Cat Grass From Seed: Your Cats Will Thank You

Don't Throw Vegetable Seeds Away -- Save Money

Starting Plants Indoors from Seed


Tools & Equipment

Lawn Mowers: Electric vs. Gas

Re-purposing Items in the Garden -- And Saving Money

Storage Solutions for Yard & Garden Tools

Top Ten Garden Tools – My Favorites

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