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I enjoy creating clip art inspired by quilt block design. The images at the top left of my web pages feature my clip art.

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My vegetable garden spans the length of the house, and several flower beds and plantings provide color and sanctuary for bees and butterflies.

Here are some gardening articles I wrote that are featured on

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Composting Basics

Fertilizers that Work Well for Me

Planting a Butterfly Friendly Garden

Where to Buy Garden Seeds Online

Successfully Starting Seeds Indoors

How to Make a Lettuce Basket

Ideas for Gardeners with Physical Limitations


I enjoy learning new things about the world we inhabit. Whether it involves the pets in my life, the birds on the feeders in my yard, or the bigger world of aquatic life, the rain forests, and our solar system.


National Wildlife Federation


New England Aquarium

National Geographic



For years I have enjoyed sewing and quilting. It's a pleasure to share my projects.

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Please read some of my quilting articles as featured on

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Successful Freehand Machine Quilting

Choosing the Right Pins for Your Project

Quilt Batt Options - A Primer

Tips for Buying an Iron

Selecting a Quilt Guild - What to Look For
Science Fiction

For as long as I can remember, I have enjoyed science fiction...books, magazines, television, and movies.

Internet Movie Database

Locus Magazine
Flying Saucer

If you are interested in learning Spanish, here are some websites I have found helpful.
Learn Spanish

Spanish Language Exercises
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Harriet's Horrible Hair Day

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