Introducing the Longfellow Society

The Longfellow Society was founded in 1971 by past presidents Walter Murphy and Ira Amesbury who became friends in the Wayside Inn rose garden in Sudbury, Massachusetts where they ate lunch since they both worked nearby. During casual conversation in front of the bust of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, they each expressed an interest in poetry. Before long, they established The Longfellow Poetry Society, which met during dinner at the Wayside Inn, the setting of Longfellow's famous tales.

Originally formed to discuss the written work of Longfellow, The Longfellow Society has emerged as a poet and writer's group. Once a month, members meet to discuss the merits of Longfellow and to discuss their own writing. In 1989, the Longfellow Society began publishing The Longfellow Journal, an annual publication. The journal is a compilation of original work written mostly by members.


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