The ABC's of Genuine Gifts
G. Timothy Keefe


Accommodate to another's need, 
Advise, when one does plead; 
Altruism is your ongoing creed, 
Affection the ultimate seed. 
Bear your trouble from you, 
Believe your cause is just and true; 
Brighten your outlook, for you to make do, 
Bond a friendship to see you through. 
Calm that anxiety that vexes you so, 
Candor brought forth to show; 
Care dispensed in a constant flow, 
Champion your quests, wherever they go. 
Defend your character from abuse, 
Delight in our relationship is profuse; 
Depend on my help, for your use, 
Desire for your well being, you may deduce. 
Eager to assist the endeavors you try, 
Ease I bestow, to quell your sigh; 
Embrace you in my hug, when you cry, 
Encouragement that I offer, you can't buy. 
Facilitate your want and difficulty, 
Faithful, when you're struck by adversity; 
Feel your anguish and pain in extremity, 
Forgive any flaw in your humanity. 
Gentle with your every hurt and harm, 
Gladden your spirit from alarm; 
Good intentions to preserve your calm, 
Gracious motives to enable your balm. 
Hail your courage, come what may, 
Happiness for you I pray; 
Heartfelt deeds I plan, for you today, 
Help from me is here to stay. 
Idyllic life for you is my desire, 
Ignorance suppressed before becoming dire, 
Impartial judgment as your actions transpire, 
Inspire your every goal with emotional fire. 
Jab your perception to grow, 
Jar your mind to know; 
Jolt your will-power to show; 
Joy to you I reap and sow. 
Kindness for you to take hold, 
Kindle joy and love to mold; 
Knowledge from me to you is told, 
Keystone of friendship is trust, so bold. 
Laughter helps us cope with stress, 
Lift your morale above the abyss; 
Listen to your each and every mess, 
Love given to soothe your distress. 
Mindful to your needs, I try to be, 
Mistakes tactfully said for you to see; 
Mold our hope for thee and me, 
Meaningful talks to set us free. 
Noble in our mutual words and deeds, 
Nonchalant in our journey through the weeds; 
Nonsensical chatter not for us, our pleads, 
Nourish companionship with love's glorious seeds. 
Objective tolerance in another's cause, 
Oblige your ambitions without pause; 
Obstacles surmounted beyond the rabble's jaws, 
Optimistic in us overcoming our flaws. 
Passion in our emotions spent, 
Patience with your every torment; 
Peace to ease your ferment, 
Perceptive to your feelings torn and bent. 
Quality not quantity in each meeting, 
Quell your discouragement from forming; 
Quest of yours I am supporting, 
Quintessence of this friendship is our loving. 
Rapture in our fellowship to treasure, 
Rationale, our on going measure; 
Respect for you is my heartfelt endeavor, 
Recognize your need and want to bring you pleasure. 
Safeguard your intimate thoughts, I'll keep, 
Sensitive for your feelings, my heart does leap; 
Sentiment for you runs deep, 
Soothing words in an unending seep. 
Tactful expressions for you to hear, 
Talk to calm your fear; 
Tender are my feelings, when you shed a tear, 
Thoughtful, when you have anguish near. 
Ultimate offering is love, 
Understanding your thoughts that push and shove; 
Unique relationship, soaring as the dove, 
Uphold our dignity from below and above. 
Variety in our pursuits, we plan, 
Viewpoints we honor in our scan; 
Virtue of some kind in every man, 
Voice our love for another, we can. 
Want your troubles to be a few, 
Warm your heart in a loving stew; 
Watch out for your welfare I can do, 
Wealth from my soul, I give to you. 
Xanadu for your thoughts to ride, 
Xeno in your house to reside; 
Xerox our mutual plans to be, 
Xmas spent in your company. 
Yearn for your happiness and good health, 
Yield to your wisdom and stealth; 
Young at heart is your wealth, 
You as you are, my favorite elf. 
Zeal for your quest, 
Zest in overcoming each test; 
Zenith reached from your endeavors is my behest; 
Zone for your comfort, I hope for the best. 
© G. Timothy Keefe
All rights reserved. No part of this work may be copied or used in any way without written permission from the author.

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