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The quilting book I wrote. Please check it out!

How I Started Quilting

An adult education course introduced me to quilting. I started with a pieced pillow using hand-embroidered birds in the center of four blocks. My second project was a lap quilt in the quilt-as-you-go method, then I sewed my first bed quilt using the Log Cabin pattern.

Now my favorite technique is paper-piecing where I can use tiny bits of fabric to create precision designs.

I used to hand quilt everything, but with time constraints (a busier life), I primarily machine quilt the larger pieces and hand quilt wall hangings.

Quilting is a part of me...and I love it!

Digital Photography

Who knew I would become so attached to my digital camera! It is easy to use and there are no film developing costs. After I photograph my quilts, I save them on a portable hard drive to keep a record of every quilt I create. Sending photos to friends in e-mail is a "snap" too. I even used one of my photographs as computer desktop wallpaper. When I attended a quilt show that allowed cameras, photo after photo I took of a lovely crazy quilt. Now I can admire every block in exquisite detail.


Circles and Curves

I thought you might like to see some of the embellishments from the Circle and Curves wall hanging photo (at the right).

Circle Quilt Closeup
Puff paint with gold beads

Circle Quilt Closeup

Angelina embossed and beads

Circle Quilt Closeup
Holographic material

Circle Quilt Closeup

Felt melted with soldering iron

Circle Quilt Closeup

Buttons and beads

Circle Quilt Closeup
Fabric circles, embroidery

Here are some quilts I've sewn. I've been quilting since 1978 and sew with a Bernina 1260QPE sewing machine. I'm a sewing machine lover and also own a Janome Jem and two older Singer machines as well as the Singer toy sewing machine I first used as a child.


Halloween Quilt

Halloween - Wall Hanging

This 2012 Halloween quilt derived from a "Moose Challenge". We were given a list of several items the quilt had to include. The smaller house is constructed from the requested nine-patch block. For me, the hardest element to include was the color pink, but it is in there!

Modern Scavenger Hunt

Modern Scavenger Hunt

A 2014 challenge was to go on a fabric scavenger hunt. I found everything in my stash to complete the list of about 30 items. Since one of the items was a nine-patch, I opted to create a modern twist on a nine-patch setting, using negative space.

Happy Village - 2009

Happy Village - Wall Hanging

This 2009 Happy Village workshop was so much fun! It still amazes me that snippets of fabric turned into this incredibe village. The fabrics were fused into place, and I machine quilted the piece. It is edged with a black piece of lace over the black felt border. This photograph does not do justice to the rich colors and detail. Click on the above image to open a larger photograph.

Jewel Box

Jewel Box

I started this quilt so many years ago, and I finished it in 2009. This is my first Mystery Quilt project, taken in a workshop sponsored by my quilt guild. I finally decided to finish so that it could be displayed in a quilt show. It is machine quilted.

Circles and Curves Embellishment

Circles and Curves Embellishment - Wall Hanging

Our quilt guild offered an embellishment workshop in 2009. This was a terrific day spent learning all types of embellishment techniques. This quilt contains buttons, beads, fabric, puff paint, foil, Angelique, felt, embroidery, holographic material, sequins, glitter, metal, and wire. I chose the unifying theme of circles and curves, and kept the color palette to shades of blue, yellow, pink, white, and silver. (See closeups of some of the blocks at left).

Forget the Calories! - I'll Have the Works

Forget the Calories! - I'll Have the Works!

I have had this pizza print fabric for awhile and have been eager to use it. When our quilt guild participated in the Crayola Challenge, I knew its time had come. For the Crayola Challenge, we each randomly selected a Crayola crayon and had to use shades of that color in the quilt (mine was apricot), and randomly selected a quote provided by a guild member (my selection was: "Work like you don't need the money, love like you've never been hurt and dance like no one is watching!". My answer to that is to live life to the fullest and eat Pizza ... with everything on it! This wall hanging is machine quilted.


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