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How to make your author visit special

It's always a special moment when children meet an author. Now they can talk with the person who actually wrote the book they are holding in their hands. Dawn unravels the writing process and publishing experience in a way that children easily understand. She encourages questions and students leave inspired, ready to tell their own stories. Here are some suggestions to make Dawn's author visit even better.


Before Dawn arrives at your school ...

1. Introduce the students to Harriet's Horrible Hair Day. Read the book several times, especially the day before Dawn arrives. This will help the children develop questions about the writing process. Dawn frequently refers to the book during her presentation.

2. Some students are bashful or become tongue-tied trying to ask questions in front of a group. Encourage students to write their questions down ahead of time.

3. If possible, make sure several copies of the book are available in the school library for students to take home and read.

4. Explore creativity using Harriet as the catalyst. Create artwork (bookmarks or pictures). Have students write their own stories about how Harriet might solve her "hairy" dilemma.

5. Promote the school visit to parents. Let them know the author will be available to autograph books.

6. Peachtree Publishers (1-800-241-0113) offers books at a discount to schools for consignment sales. Earn funds for your school via book sales. For added revenue, coordinate the author visit with your school book fair.

7. Or ask a local bookstore to provide books for sale. Some bookstores will offer the school a percentage of income earned.

8. Make sure a table is available for Dawn to lay out her materials. A chair should be placed near the table. A bottle of water is always welcome.

9. Dawn brings handouts for the students. These are presented prior to the question and answer period of the presentation.

10. Photographs are okay, but Dawn does not like to be video taped or tape recorded.


During Dawn's school visit ...

1. Plan to have fun! Dawn is a lively speaker, energetic and is great at encouraging audience participation.



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