Railroad Crossing - Quilt Block

Writer's Guano & Inspiration

by Dawn L. Stewart



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Dawn L. Stewart

Word dung,

or politely put,
fertilizer --
nurturing foundation;
starter set for
stories and poems

Strong verbs

swirl, glide, ricochet
Trounce the weak
is, was, were
Weed out adjectives
Compost rich nouns

Morsels of

enrich the mix

Word guano
glorious, enduring
Cultivate it so
stories and poems

1998 Dawn L. Stewart

All rights reserved. No part of this work may be copied or used in any way without written permission from the author.

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Ways to Combat the Dreaded "Writer's Block":

1.  Pick a word (any word) and write whatever comes to mind.

2.  Write outside the box ... pick a different venue. If you write novels, try poetry. If you write children's picture books, try writing an essay.

3.  Choose a favorite character from a book, and write a new scene for them.

4.  Put words in other people's mouths. Imagine the person next door ... what are they really thinking?

5.  Write a short travelouge ... where would you go (the rainforest, another planet)? And what souvenirs would you bring home?

6.  If you could meet anyone in your past (friend, family, a chance encounter) ... what would you discuss? Write it.

7.  Write an outlandish letter to someone real or imagined. Just don't send it!

8.  Challenge a writing friend. Each give other a starter sentence and write a short piece with the beginning.

9.  Grab a newspaper or magazine. Find the advertisements. Pick keywords and create a humorous poem.

10.  Relax. Write something just for you. Forget publication. This one is for you, and only you. Have fun!

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