Dawn's Quilting Clip Art
Suggestions for Use

People have asked me to start a list of suggestions for using my clipart. If you use the clipart in a way not listed here, please let me know. I'll add your suggestion to the list.

My clipart designs are for personal use only. They are not designed for use in items that will be sold for profit. If you wish to use my clipart designs for profit, please write to me for details of use. dawnstewart@dlstewart.com

A special thank you to everyone who is using my clipart and giving me credit for creating it. Some people have included a link to my website on their websites. Others have mentioned my clipart collection in their newsletters or quilt show brochures. I appreciate it!.

1.  Use a graphics program to change the image size.

2.  Place images on your web pages.

3.  Create icons from the clipart.

4.  Insert the images in your e-mails.

5.  Use the graphics on posters, signs and banners.

6.  Include the clipart in newsletters.

7.  Create stationery with the graphics.

8.  Print the graphics on stickers or decals.

9.  Use Transfer paper; create transfers for t-shirts and tote bags.

10.  Create business cards with the clipart.

11.  Make return address stickers using the graphics.

12.  Print the clipart to use in scrapbook projects.

13.  Use the clipart in the greeting cards you design.

14.  Create CD covers with the clipart.

15.  Combine the clip art quilt blocks; create a printable quilt.

16.  Choose your favorite block; make it your computer wallpaper.

17.  Use the clipart on certificates and awards.

18.  Use the graphics in your "computer signature".

19.  Create unique quilt block bookmarks for your quilting library.

20.  Print recipe cards using the clipart.

21.  Create magnets using the quilt block clipart designs.

22.  Use the designs to print fabric quilt labels for your quilts.

23.  Create coasters. Print designs on labels and affix to ceramic tile, spray with clear acrylic sealer.

24.  Make nametags using the clipart designs.

25.  Laminate the designs to create jewelry (pins and earrings).

26.  Digitize the clipart designs to use for personal embroidery projects.

27.  Print a sheet of paper with the clipart covering the page, then fold the paper into an Origami design.

28.  Sew the clipart designs into real fabric quilt blocks.

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