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Dawn Lesley StewartDawn lived her first nine years in New Jersey and moved to Massachusetts when her father received a job transfer. When a grade-school teacher assigned a book report, Dawn read Miss Pickerell Goes to Mars by Ellen MacGregor and discovered the joy of visiting other worlds through books.

In high school, Dawn co-edited and wrote for the school magazine and began writing short stories for children. She then experimented with other genres of writing, including mystery, science fiction and fantasy.

Other pathways led her to write cable television scripts and edit a literary journal. She also developed and moderated an online writing forum, which encouraged people of all ages to have fun playing with words.Dawn Lesley Stewart

Her writing turned full circle when she again started writing for children and young adults. Harriet's Horrible Hair Day is her first published picture book for children. Her fantasy novel, Mist-Seer, is published and she is working on another fantasy novel. Her love of quilting inspired her to write a series of quilting books, including 300-Plus Quilting Tips, Tricks & Techniques.

Dawn's short stories and poems have won writing contests and have appeared online and in print.

When not writing, Dawn is most likely being herded by her cat, who loves to play with a feather-on-a-stick and dive into any unguarded pile of papers. She enjoys quilting, gardening, baking, and is an avid reader.

AndyAndy was adopted from a local animal shelter. His original name was "Saint Andrew", but with his playful, mischevious nature, the "saint" quickly vanished. Andy has the habit of snatching pens and pencils and hiding them around the house. He also likes to step on anything that makes a noise. The only plants left in the house (since he likes to eat them!) are located behind closed doors. And Andy figured out how to open one of those doors to munch a spider plant. He loves his greens!

Books by Dawn Lesley Stewart

Harriet's Horrible Hair DayMist-Seer300-Plus Quilting Tips, Tricks & Techniques
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