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The Illustrator

Michael WhiteMichael P. White is an award-winning artist. He has created original works for a number of corporations and his art is regularly exhibited in several galleries.

A graduate from the Art Institute of Atlanta, a teacher introduced Michael to airbrush techniques, which strongly influenced his art style. After his education, he called on art galleries to promote his work.

When not creating or promoting his art, he earned his living by cooking in Atlanta's fine restaurants. Working in a frame shop taught him how to frame and matt his Michael Drawingartwork. He also worked as a wood-restorationist.

Michael illustrated
The Library Dragon and The Secret of Old Zeb. His latest picture book is Harriet's Horrible Hair Day, by Dawn Lesley Stewart.

Born in Atlanta, Georgia, Michael now lives there with his wife Traci, their two dogs and a cat.

Books by Dawn Lesley Stewart

Harriet's Horrible Hair Day
Party Dog

Illustrations from
Harriet's Horrible Hair Day

Copyright 2000 Dawn Lesley Stewart
Color photograph of Dawn courtesy of Glen R. Stewart - Copyright 2010