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Loom Knitting

I inherited my mother's vast yarn collection. Only one problem, no matter how I tried, I could not knit or crochet with needles. It never failed that stitches dropped, so squares turned into free-form art pieces.

Then I remembered I used to enjoy Loom Knitting when a girl. I investigated, and learned that knitting with a loom is now easier than ever, and there are lots of projects to make. YouTube also has excellent tutorials about loom knitting.

For years now, I've been knitting hats and scarves using looms. A few hats I gifted to friends and relatives, but I give most of the hats to charitable organizations.

I'm branching out with loom knitting, trying new stitches. A pair of socks is in the works, and I am loom knitting an Infinity Scarf.

Two hand-knitted hats - dlstewart.com


Knitted Hats dlstewart.com



Loom Knitting

In case you are interested in learning more about loom knitting.
Here are some websites I've discovered.

One of my favorite websites for loom knitting

Loom Knitting How-To Guides

Loom Knit an Infinity Scarf - Mock Crochet Stitch

Free Loom Knitting Projects

More Free Loom Knitting Projects


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but as with all things, websites can change.
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